The Resort Bike Trailer

3 Motor bike trailers – single axle

Why three?  its all about the weight. with a 3 bike trailer you can carry one, two or three motor bikes and the weight is even over the trailer.

·               Open floor

·               3x bike channels

·               1x removable ramp stored on the side on the trailer

·               FULL 40x40 RHS chassis including cross members

·               5 Leaf Slipper Springs

·               7 pin plug

·               Solid Round 39mm Axle

·               75x50 RHS Drawbar standard length is 1200mm

·               GVM 750kg with no brakes

·               LED Combination Tail Lights

·               Checker plate floor either bumps up or reversed

·               Standard height of trailer side is 300mm

·               New sunraysia rims (White) and New light truck tyres

·               Light Blue, Dark Blue or Sliver, light Grey, dark grey or black or green or and bronze Hammertone



Jockey Wheel (Quick release)                                                                                   

Spare Wheel (NEW Sunraysia with NEW Light Truck Tyre) & BKT                  

Spare Wheel (NEW Sunraysia with new light truck tyre) cradle mounted 

Jerry can holders                                                   

Extra checker plate ramp                                                     

Stone guard RHS frame with heavy duty shade cloth black                 


Floor options

Checker plate in fill                                                                                        

Mesh infill                                                                                                        

Expander mesh infill                                                                                      


Upgrade to Industrial trailer

Includes 7 leaf springs, 40mm square axle and 50x50 chassis             


Upgrade to off road Land crusier set up 


* Landcrusier guards checker plate with steps 

* Landcrusier Hubs 

* Land crusier eye to eye springs 60mm

* Slimline axle 


GVM upgrade

1000kg ADD mechanical disc brakes                                                        

1400kg ADD mechanical disc brakes, 45mm slimline axle,                   

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